Welcome to the website of VSCS Thrive!

We are a group of over 10,000 students, faculty, staff and citizens who are actively engaged in supporting a sustainable future for the Vermont State Colleges (VSC). Thrive is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the Vermont State College System. The views expressed on the Thrive website are not necessarily the views of the Vermont State College System.

We believe this future should include a wide range of educational opportunities that are both accessible and affordable. If you believe in the importance of the Vermont State Colleges and higher education opportunities in Vermont, please join us to in our quest to create a sustainable and vibrant future for the Vermont State Colleges.

Please sign our current petition: Petition to Re-Invest, Re-Invigorate, and Re-Imagine the Vermont State Colleges.

Your participation in this group directly contributes to the public discussion and momentum of this broad-based movement in support of higher education in Vermont. We encourage active participation in the VSCs Thrive! Facebook Group which was created to facilitate dialogue and communication related to the future of the VSCs.

VSCs Thrive! is not intended to be the only organizing center for the far-reaching movement that was initiated by the proposed closure of Northern Vermont University (NVU) and Vermont Technical College (VTC) Randolph; it is intended to be an effective one. Consistent with this spirit, we intend to fully support and collaborate with other similarly aligned groups. This website is also intended to promote specific campaigns publicly advocating for increased state funding of the VSCs per the Vermont State Statutes: “…supported in whole or in substantial part with State funds.”

Vermont State Colleges Funding Crisis

Decades of underfunding now require a reinvestment in, reinvigorating of, and re-imagining of the VSCs. The greatest hurdle to preserving the VSCs is overcoming the low level of state funding. Vermont ranks last in the nation in financial support for its public colleges and universities, by either percentage or actual dollars. Learn more about the VSCS funding crisis and how it might be addressed.

Vermont elected officials and those running for state office are invited to sign our Pledge of Support For Vermont State College Funding.

Learn more about VSCS Thrive! and its organizing committee.