VSCs Thrive is here for you!

We are an intentionally diverse but organized movement of students, faculty and staff of the Vermont State College System, and supporters of the VSCS from Vermont’s many communities and beyond, dedicated to preservation and optimal success of the VSCS in providing affordable, high quality higher education through the continued thriving of all the Vermont State Colleges, including Castleton University, Community College of Vermont, Northern Vermont University (NVU), and Vermont Technical College (VTC). We formed in response to the proposed closure of NVU and the VTC Randolph Campus in April, 2020, a proposal that emanated from years insufficient state support, and that was ultimately defeated by overwhelming public opposition. We remain committed to our primary goal of acquiring adequate state funding for the VSCs and responsible oversight of the system that ensures its vibrancy in perpetuity.

Organizational Structure

VSCs Thrive! is an all-volunteer organization featuring an active Organizing Committee with broad representation from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and VSCs regional community members.

Organizers of VSCs Thrive! presently include: 

  • Ben Luce: Professor of Physics, NVU
  • Makenzi Edwards: Student, NVU Johnson
  • Rebecca Flieder: Student, NVU Johnson
  • Maxwell Heck: Student, NVU Lyndon
  • Adriana Eldred, NVU 2020
  • Bill Petrics: Otter Valley Union High School Educator
  • David Plazek: Professor of Political Science, NVU
  • Richard Moye: Professor Emeritus of Humanities, NVU
  • Shayne Spence; Johnson State and NVU Alum, Graphic Design Editor