The following are specific ideas gleaned from the VSCS Thrive! Facebook Group. To be listed here, the idea must directly pertain to preserving or enhancing the VSCS. The listing is not comprehensive by virtue of time and resources. Omission of an idea from page does not imply opposition. Inclusion here also does not imply support or opposition. Each entry is hyperlinked to its full proposal and discussion on the Group Page. There are more than one link for some of these ideas. The order of the listing is arbitary.

  1. Provide first year and transfer students free tuition and a discounted room and board rate for the first semester. Link.
  2. Have some informational booths at some farmers markets and fairs to market the colleges. Link
  3. Funding the Colleges at an adequate levels helps them retain enrollment with more competitive tuition rates. Link.
  4. Federally funded free tuition for college. Link
  5. Merge the Colleges into one University. Link Link
  6. Legalize the sale of marijuana to fund the VSCS. Link Link
  7. Call students to offer call of assurance and invitation. Link Link
  8. The BOT needs to be restructured. Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link
  9. The BOT should have 50%+ student representation. Link
  10. Restoration of permanent funding is needed to provide stability and continuity. Link Link
  11. State Funding should be increased from 17% to at least 35%, or 50%. Link Link Link
  12. Enable students to finance their loans directly through the colleges, instead of banks. Link
  13. Create t-shirts to support this movement. Link Link
  14. The path forward should not focus on online education. Link
  15. The state should be sued for failing to live up to its own laws on funding the state colleges. Link
  16. Funding for VSAC Should be looked at carefully. Link
  17. General lists of ideas for funding and/or cost cutting. Link
  18. The colleges need better marketing. Link
  19. CCV sites should be combined into the other campuses. Link
  20. The Chancellor’s arguments were fundamentally flawed. Link
  21. There should be a focus on recruiting out of state students. Link
  22. Could VTC and NVU become privately funded? Link
  23. Examine the relative amounts of money spent on the Colleges and Pre-K. Link
  24. Allow faculty to do research, and do collaborative research with industry, apply for research grants, etc. Link
  25. Ideas for VSCS related slogans. Link
  26. Increasing Taxes on the Wealthiest Vermonters to help fund the VSCS (eg. taxing income exceeding something like $350,000 at an additional 2.25% ) Link
  27. Should taxes on the super wealthy be raised, or should other spending be cut, or both? Link

The following is a list of ideas from a Zoom meeting hosted by the Town of Johnson with special guest Senator Tim Ashe as reported in an article by VTCNG:

  • Take a few pages out of the locavore agriculture movement and place value on a similar kind of local education, suggested Newton Wells.
  • Partner with federal agencies to leverage funding and provide accredited college course. Dan Langevin, who pitched this idea, said arts courses might be done in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, while farm-based classes could be subsided by USDA.
  • Numerous people suggested moving the Community College of Vermont branch from Morristown to the Johnson campus, and perhaps bring along other government-run entities like the Department for Children and Families that are housed in Morristown.
  • Since a lot of students are drawn to Johnson by the outdoor recreation opportunities, perhaps ski resorts or other facilities might offer partnerships or discounts.
  • Make prerecorded and online classes much cheaper than in-person classes, taking a cue from such sites as Coursera and Udemy.
  • Offer more professional certificate programs.
  • Offer free tuition to freshmen and keep it free for upperclassmen who maintain a certain GPA.
  • Move to a trimester calendar.
  • End varsity sports.
  • Nat Kinney, a Johnson Select Board member, said “all enduring programs” in the state have funding sources, whether it’s taxes on liquor, on the lottery, on gasoline. Why not the colleges?