Mission & Vision of the Vermont State Colleges

Mission of the Vermont State Colleges

For the benefit of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges system provides affordable, high quality, student-centered, and accessible education, fully integrating professional, liberal, and career study, consistent with student aspirations and regional and state needs.

This integrated education, in conjunction with experiential learning opportunities, assures that graduates of VSCS programs will:

  1. Demonstrate competence in communication, research and critical thinking;
  2. Practice creative problem-solving both individually and collaboratively;
  3. Be engaged, effective, and responsible citizens;
  4. Bring to the workplace appropriate skills and an appreciation of work quality and ethics;
  5. Embrace the necessity and joy of lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.

The Vermont State Colleges system provides continuing educational opportunities for
individuals to meet their specific goals.

Vision of the Vermont State Colleges

To realize its mission for the benefit of Vermont:

  • The VSCS will be known for high quality programs, as measured by the skills, knowledge and contributions of students, graduates and clients.
  • VSCS system resources – human, financial, technological and physical – will be collaboratively leveraged to achieve our mission and stated goals, and to address agreed upon priorities.
  • The VSCS will develop a culture of continuous improvement, supported by college and system assessment systems that measure progress toward stated goals.
  • The VSCS will be recognized as a great place to work, in terms of what it offers employees as well as what it contributes to local communities.
  • The VSCS will have comprehensive and timely access to data that inform college and system planning, management and decision making.
  • The VSCS will maximize the advantages of being a system and minimize bureaucracy to maintain one comprehensive and interconnected system comprised of four distinct institutions.
  • VSCS structures and delivery systems will be flexible enough to both anticipate and quickly adapt to shifting internal and external forces.
  • VSCS services will be delivered when and where students and clients need them.
  • The VSCS will meet or exceed students’ and clients’ expectations related to service.

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